Director and producer Maged Tadrous was born on 1974 in the beautiful and magical Cairo, Egypt and his love passion for media and art was born with him. He graduated from faculty of fine arts from the ancient Ain-Shams University,that made him embrace life and pursue a successful artistic career. Tadrous worked as an interior designer from 1996 to 2004 then his path shifted to find himself very passionate about video production, he worked in the field of production and produced different artistic and entertainment programs in the biggest Arab satellite channels. As a producer he started to focus on every aspect that tackles women issues,as he thought that many females related topics are being oppressed,he decided to break in and produce several programs that speak to and about women such as Dody show program that became a great hit and a high rated program on both Tv channels and social media platforms.

    Tadrous began conquering the production world with various social based and entertainment programs,on 2016 was the peak of his success by turning celebrities into presenters,he introduced to the public a new version of their favorite stars. He also had his own fingerprint in the music industry as a partner in Mazzika channel one of the biggest music video production companies in the Arab world, and working as a director in Mazzika,he presented a number of outstanding music videos with various Arab stars such as Samira Saeed and dominice. On 2016 he founded his own video production company that presents professional content solutions, Media Gate Studios present creative media solutions to broadcast tv ,digital content production and for the first time in MEMA it offers it’s own gaming studios. With an enormous number of programs that tackles each and every issue that concerns the Arab streets with a new vision ,he offers morning programs ,women programs ,beauty programs ,sports shows ,news reporting ,social comedy .etc. With a strategy that is built to go over the years ,Tadrous is aiming towards creating a new media vision that will build up a new horizon in all media fields.


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